AMDB is a web-based management system for the reuse and sharing of geometrical models of the heart. The system is being developed and maintained by the AMDB Team lead by Prof. Nic Smith at King's College London.

AMDB is a joint effort within the euHeart Project and constitutes a step towards in the implementation of the Virtual Physiological Human Project.

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Software Requirements: AMDB uses a number of technologies to aid in the sharing of medical data. Please review the requirements to ensure your browser is capable of visualizing stored models.


Cardiovascular diseases cause over two million deaths each year in Europe alone and are estimated to become the primary cause of death in western countries by 2010. Tackling this future scenario requires that the investigation of such supported by software tools. # Research into other diseases and conditions also will benefit through the application of available technology for the sharing and analysis of medical data.

AMDB addresses this need by providing a data hosting service to researchers and clinicians, allowing users to upload, to search and to integrate data. This facilitates the reuse and sharing of geometric and functional models in standard interoperable model exchange formats.

AMDB allows the visualisation of the models with the Zinc plugin, thus making the models more accessible to human users. In addition, AMDB uses the Foundational Model of Anatomy Ontology to classify the models and to support semantic-based queries in order to obtain more effective model retrieval.